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  • Books that Influenced my Life part 2

    Continuing the list of the top ten books that influenced me or were life changing. 6. The Science of God  Written by a physicist/mathematician using the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics shows that what the Bible says about creation and what we continue to learn about the universe, match up nicely--it depends on your perspective in the flow of time. I appreciate his just presenting the facts and his findings.

  • Books that Influenced my Life part 1

    Someone asked what are ten books that most influenced your life? Here's my first five. Second five 10-17-14.

  • Experiencing the Holy sermon notes w Scriptures

    Sunday, I used a lot of Scriptures and didn't have them on a handout so here they are. Many more could be used but these work. Go over to the video which is usually posted by Thursday How Does One Connect with God?

  • All Aboard

    Climbed aboard replicas of the Nina and Pinta today. These are small ships! It helps me understand John Wesley's fear as waves were washing over his ship on trips on the ocean.

  • Reflections on Annual Conference

    Lee McClure and I represented Clinton First United Methodist church at the Iowa Annual Conference Session in Des Moines this last weekend. As usual it was a great time to renew friendships with both Lay and Clergypersons. Thanks to Harold and Betty Voorhees, former Clinton First members who opened their home again this year and offered outstanding hospitality.

  • Quote from Anne Frank

    Just saw this quote from Anne Frank--I assume its from her diary. "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." In case some of the younger readers haven't heard of Anne Frank, she was a Jewish teen who lived in the Netherlands and was taken away by the Nazis (because she was Jewish)when Germany invaded the counrty during World War Two (WWII) in the 1940s. She died in a concentration camp, one of 6 million Jews exterminated by Nazi Germany...

  • Reading list

    Just thought some might be interested in what I have been reading ('consuming' might be a better word since I listen to a lot of books on CD). Overall I am pleased with the variety of subjects and authors. I made it through "The Federalist Papers" by John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, enjoyed, but did not always understand "The Grand Design," by Stephen Hawking, broadened my perspective on Biblical Archaeology and textual cristism with "Excavating Jesus," by Crossan & Reed, refr...

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